How to clean and maintain properly inflatable hot tub

hot tub maintenance

Despite the pandemic, many have taken matters in their own hands by installing a inflatable hot tub in the back gardens.

With the progress of the summer days we saw a rise in the sales of such hot tubs. Those tubs however do require regular maintenance in order to keep them clean and ready for the next summer holiday. On top of that it is never healthy to bath in pool covered with grime and slime.

How to get the hot tub or pool clean?

We recommend cleaning it inside with sponge or soft cloth and use some soapy water. The best way however is to do that while it is still inflated, thus you will be able to reach all the hard to reach places inside.

Another tip is that you always need to make sure that you do not use any brushes that can scratch the surface of the tub. Furthermore, it is best that you thoroughly wash down the entire tub to avoid any residues from the detergents.


After the cleaning up you need to leave the tub to dry out completely before storing it away for the next time. Storing the tub while wet might cause the built up of mildew and mould, which can be harmful for your health in the long run.

It is important to first remove any valves, make sure that the tub is completely flat and free from air and finally to carefully fold it. You can keep it any dry place like you garage or shed, provided that it is away from anything that might pierce the tub.

Our top tricks to keep the water in your tub fresh:

  • Use a filter pump and make sure to change it regularly (check with the instructions leaflet provided by the manufacturer on how to change yours and how frequently this needs to be done).
  • Make sure to take shower before entering the tub as much natural body oils and grime can make the water dirty. We advise to remove any make up or creams.
  • Try to always cover your tub and pool when you are not using them. This way you will keep the bugs and leaves off your tub.
  • One item that will be very helpful is a net. Using a net will help for the removal of the dirt.
  • We are all concerned about the cleanliness of the water. Using a chlorine tablet can help for this. However if you are not too keen on such tablets, you will have to drain it on a regular basis.


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