What is Miele TwinDos?

Miele TwinDos is leading on the market liquid only detergent system. It can be used on colours and whites and helps gain better wash results.

TwinDos uses two bottle detergent system. It can blend detergents together for perfect wash results. The TwinDos intelligently mixes detergents depending on the type of garment in the washing machine.

It is convenient way of washing. The preloaded detergent bottles do not require any consumer attention unless they are not finished. The machine measures and injects the required detergent level depending on the garment washed in the drum

TwinDos is sustainable system. Bottles can last up to 3 months. It helps saves up to 30% less detergent and helps lower the waste. Bottles can be recycled

Miele TwinDos detergent system is efficient on cold water and help lower energy consumption.