washing machine not spinning

Washing Machine Not Spinning – What to do?

Centrifuge – is that awful clinking that can awaken the whole house?

The process itself is driving the drum at a very high speed. Sometimes there is too much noise, and sometimes the centrifuge does not work, and the clothes go too wet. These indications give a clear sign that there is a washing machine not spinning technical malfunction. You must remove it before the next wash to enjoy your well-cleaned clothes under normal conditions.

Do not overlook the problem by saying that the next time you run the washing machine,

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washing machine symbols

Washing Machine Symbols

What is washing machine symbols?

It is good to be familiar with both the laundry symbols, what is stated on the garment label, especially if it is new and has not yet entered the washing machine. This will make it easier to choose the correct degrees and you will know the exact content of matter in percentage. But don’t forget to have a look on the washing machine symbols on the display regularly too.

So you are one step ahead of the possibility that your beautiful dress or blouse will remain just a

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washing machine drum

Should I change parts of my washing machine myself or trust a professional?

The washing machine is a dependency today. You probably realize what work he does for you and your whole family, but like every appliance, sometimes something breaks. Then, the horror of your face – worries you – and the minimal threat to stay for a while without this device. An imperative hand wash would take you all the free time. You will have to spend hours in the bathroom and make a lot of effort if the good assistant leaves you.

Your clothes, however, will never look the way they

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washing machine cleaning

Are the specialized products for cleaning a washing machine reliable?

Do You Care about your washing machine?

Think about what the result would be if you did not take care of yourself for years or did you clean the dirt from the kitchen counter? The view would be terrible, would not it? Not seeing every day what’s going on in this precious white technique does not mean you have to damp it until it dies to function. The unpleasant thing is that because of an irregular cleaning, your clothes could swallow all microbes and fungi, and you can be dressed with

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how to choose a washing machine

How to choose a washing machine

A home without a washing machine does not exist. If you do not have it – you have to buy, if it is damaged without the possibility of appliance repair or expensive one – too. The investment does not fall in monthly spending, so you have to be very careful in your choices. 

Do your best to facilitate this task, which is part of your daily homework. However, why not use it? Everyone is aware that not everybody has their strength to know all of the features, functions and parts of the electric appliances,

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fridge cleaning

How to properly do refrigerator maintenance?

When choosing your fridge, you have been careful about the needs of the household. You have looked in detail in terms of exterior design, size, and familiarity with all the options that suit your requirements.

Everyone adheres to the restrictions that sometimes require the premises, and then you have complete freedom of choice.
Some are exclusively interested in maintaining the freshness of products, such as fed and fed foods, and choosing a system for a longer shelf life of perishable products. Оther compartments and interior layouts are important as well as a

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washing machine damage

Washing Machine Damage – deal with the problem yourself or consult a specialist?

Unfortunately, all this is a problem because of a malfunction of the washing machine when it is released. At that point, you fall into horror and wonder what decision to make to fix the washing machine damage.

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washing machine

How to Maintain Your Washing Machine At Home

Undoubtedly one of the most used appliances at home is the washing machine. Whether it’s our bed linen, white or colored laundry, it’s our faithful helper for achieving their purity and restoring…

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cleaning washing machine

Cleaning Washing Machine Easily and Eco Friendly

Cleaning washing machine at home is one of those things we do not think about very often, and even less often included in the list of cleaning items at home.

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home appliances repair

How To Choose a Company For Your Appliances Repair in London?

It is a weekend and you have just realized that most of the devices at home do not work. You switch off the device, press all possible buttons, reset, but nothing happens.

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