How long should you expect your home appliances to last?

The need for electrical appliances in a household is inevitable. Some consider too much variety a whim, but actually automating almost every obligation is a future projection for manufacturers. The goal is to maximize the convenience of the hosts so that they do not feel so exhausted and do not spend so much time in the kitchen, in the laundry room, etc. The fact is, however, that every home carer has an average life expectancy, after which it must be replaced with a new one, or repaired if available and

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Does the washing machine kill the fleas ?

Fleas, although they may not harm you to any extent, are extremely unwanted pests. They are extremely stubborn, which is a prerequisite for combating them. Not always their presence is associated with the transmission of diseases, but their bites have caused a very unpleasant itching. Some family members may be allergic, and then side effects and purulent infections may follow. This means you need to deal with the detractors immediately. The good news is that infecting your home with fleas can be eliminated through your “good helper” – the washing

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top washing machine models 2018

Top Brands and Models of Washing Machines in 2018

If, with the advent of the first laundries, the hosts were in an indescribable joy that there was something to cancel them in hand washing, today requirements are increasing. The current period can be called the time of innovation and the rapid pace of development of the technique. The goal of washing machine manufacturers at all times is to offer the best to consumers and to satisfy their every desire to stand out for competitors.

Of course, there are brands that have a proven name in the field of white goods,

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most common washing machine failures

The most common washing machine failures

Nowadays it can be said that there is no inhabitable home in which there is no washing machine. It seems to have turned into a “part of the family” that promotes a more rational way of life. Sometimes it is subject to many challenges from the contamination of clothing, but you will not “hear it complain”. Fortunately, a washing machine is an investment for many years to come. Very rarely there are problems with it, but it can not be ruled out.

Everyone knows how much you rely on it, so

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washing machine sand removal procedure

Why is there sand in the washing machine?

The summer season is associated with a lot of sun, beach, sea and smiles. Nights are long, and entertainment and positive emotions – are increasing. It seems that everyone is waiting for July and August to enjoy a well-deserved rest. It is a wonderful time to move away from the work environment for a while. Every family goes to the destination that has been thought out for a long time, and they are waiting with great impatience. The period of excursions, and especially the beaches, however, bring a little bit

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washing machine smell

Why does the washing machine smell?

The different odor from the usual one that is carried by your washing machine is transferred to your clothes. It can badly affect your self-confidence and confront you with an unpleasant situation. It’s like a toothless tooth – they will not lose their white color from a missed scrub with the brush, but they will definitely create discomfort. In this case, the conversation will not be very pleasant to your interlocutor, if not on a business occasion.

The same is with the expensive and smooth suit that could have a terrible

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best laundry detergents

Which are the best laundry detergents?

Every household has a special attitude to the freshness and good looks of their clothes. Many are willing to set aside a high amount of detergents to get the best quality. Statistics show that America spends $ 5.1 billion on laundering detergents on an annual basis and that most use the same brand. And do you tend to stick to the same type of detergent or do you like to test the abundance of commercial networks? If you think you like monotony, look below how many choices you have.
The three

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washing machine clogged

How to prevent clogging of the washing machine

Laundry is almost everyday activity in every home. While cooking while you are washing and while cleaning, the “loyal friend” works for you. You must treat it with great respect and care for its good external and inwardly maintained appearance. This will help you and your family be dressed in beautiful, clean and well-looking clothes. You know, “Man is welcomed on clothes”. Clothes are the first thing that leaves the impression – whether you go to an interview, visit an expensive restaurant, or just walk around the park. You probably

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washing machine not spinning

Washing Machine Not Spinning – What to do?

Centrifuge – is that awful clinking that can awaken the whole house?

The process itself is driving the drum at a very high speed. Sometimes there is too much noise, and sometimes the centrifuge does not work, and the clothes go too wet. These indications give a clear sign that there is a washing machine not spinning technical malfunction. You must remove it before the next wash to enjoy your well-cleaned clothes under normal conditions.

Do not overlook the problem by saying that the next time you run the washing machine,

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washing machine symbols

Washing Machine Symbols

What is washing machine symbols?

It is good to be familiar with both the laundry symbols, what is stated on the garment label, especially if it is new and has not yet entered the washing machine. This will make it easier to choose the correct degrees and you will know the exact content of matter in percentage. But don’t forget to have a look on the washing machine symbols on the display regularly too.

So you are one step ahead of the possibility that your beautiful dress or blouse will remain just a

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