Samsung Eco Bubble – Explained

EcoBubble technology is a Samsung patented washing technology. Its starts gaining popularity in the last couple of years and is found in many of the previous and current models washing machines and washer dryers.

It helps reduce energy consumption by using less mechanical action and less energy for water heating.Provides better washing results even on cold wash and it is gentle enough to be used on special garments like wool, synthetics, cotton, baby care, outdoor wear.


So, what it is then and how it works

EcoBubble technology uses additional pump to reduce surface tension of the water allowing easy mix between water and detergent. The finely mixed solution exits the EcoBubble generator and enters the washing machine drum. When entering in the drum the mixture hits the wash load and creates rich soapy foam that stays like cushion on top. This cycle repeats for about 30-40 minutes.

By doing that the pre-dissolved detergent penetrates easily trough the garment. It creates gentle foam that can penetrates and help to dissolve even the worst stains.

EcoBubble delivers advanced fabric care as well as improved cleanliness and minimising clothes wear.