Why does the washing machine smell?

The different odor from the usual one that is carried by your washing machine is transferred to your clothes. It can badly affect your self-confidence and confront you with an unpleasant situation. It's like a toothless tooth - they will not lose their white color from a missed scrub with the brush, but they will definitely create discomfort. In this case, the conversation will not be very pleasant to your interlocutor, if not on a business occasion.

The same is with the expensive and smooth suit that could have a terrible scent. You must take preventive measures to avoid such cases. There are a number of detailed videos that show you how to deal with any problems. A, here you will get all answers to questions about the smell of the washing machine. It is clear that everyone wishes to be well-dressed in clothes that have a fresh look and smell of pure. The following lines will tell you how to do this.

What causes the smell of the washing machine?

washing machine smellThe mold or mud that you feel from the inside of the appliance or the laundry is not due to the contamination of the laundry. The most dirty, greasy or stubborn stains can be removed very easily. It all depends on the correct operation and periodic prevention of the machine. It requires periodic service on your part to destroy the bacteria.

The main cause of the pest spread is due to the use of low-level washing programs. They are cheaper and more economical for laundry, and do not use hot washes. Yes, but they do not allow the washing machine to kill bacteria, break down fat and neutralize odors.

Hot water is the "helper" number one for this purpose, degrees should vary from 60 ° C upwards. The worst smell-induced combination is low-temperature washing with liquid or non-bleaching ingredients.

To save your household appliance, you should periodically take care of it. The good news is that you do not need extra spending on preparations or other means. You will spend only a little more electricity - when purchasing, choose the highest energy class to save afterwards. What is required of you is just to run a high-temperature cycle in the empty state. The process will help with sanitation so you can re-wash in the green space. Putting vinegar in the washing machine will further help eliminate any odor residue. For best results, it is recommended to perform the procedure once a month.

How to remove the smell from the washing machine?

Clean the seal

All "slags" are conveniently placed on the seal and cause an unpleasant scent with time. You may have noticed that after washing always have a small amount of water or a very damp space. It is advisable to always wipe it with a cloth because the lower part is very easily molded. The rubber part around the door catches objects and holds the mold. The best effect to prevent them, apart from the towel, is to make a solution of white vinegar and water.

Vinegar is known for its most powerful smell neutralizing properties. This activity will not take you more than 2-3 minutes, but it is very useful for the washing machine's life. There will be visible results, even if you do not do it too regularly. Sometimes too large a layer of mold is impossible to remove, which will lead to tire changes. Not that the replacement is not possible, but do not allow your ignorance to make you bigger headaches.

Clean the filter

clean washing machine filterBesides the rubber seal, the filter is the other trap of the unwanted objects (buttons, coins, banners, etc.), moss and hair. From there, the most unpleasant smell comes out, and in the smallest sense the light should light up, it's time to open the filter.

You can easily handle the problem if it comes from there. Most often, it is located in the lower right corner and opens with one turn. To be absolutely sure and not to damage something that you will find it difficult to find, re-open the instruction booklet.

Keep in mind that a certain amount of water runs out of the opening, so prepare a pot and a cloth to absorb. First, remove the water and then do anything. This preventative measure will save you the opportunity of a slight flood.

Cleaning itself is done by pulling by hand everything you can get. If you have not cleaned it soon, remove it and wash it in the sink. Then make sure you rotate the filter cover well and expect the results for the next wash. If your sense of smell once again senses something you do not like, you need to take care of it again.

Wash the detergent drawer and the softener drawer

It is very possible to get dirt into the detergent dispenser at front-loading laundries. It is very important to use quality detergents and softeners as well as the right amount. So there will be no leftovers on which to put a new preparation, and your favorite shirts, dresses and trousers will smell wonderful. The drawer can be washed very easily - by thoroughly rinsing or making some home-made "preparation".

Periodic washing is sufficient if there are no visible traces of mold (only then use more aggressive methods). Beware of removing and installing the part. Most models are pulling very easily, but still read and follow the instructions that are described for your brand and your type of washing machine. Before reinsert, rinse and wipe well on all sides.

Keep the drum dry

The part of the washing machine that takes all the challenges is the drum. Its purpose is to sanitize your clothes to make them clean, but sometimes the fight is overpowering. Do you often leave laundry in the washing machine for a long time after the cycle is over? Well, this is a good cause of smell. Leaving them momentarily is not mandatory, but at least pull them out to dry the drum. For better results, wipe the inside with a cloth or just leave it open to evaporate moisture. The dryer that is built into the washing machine plays a very good role in drying the drum if you run it after washing. The fan can also do a great job of improving the airflow. Use it if it is present in your home - drop it into the room where you have positioned the washing machine.

Leave the door and the drawer open after each wash

Though it irritates the open glass with the front opening machine or the protruding top cover, keep them open - it will be a huge benefit to you. The "sniffing" of the washing machine after each wash is the first friend to the appearance of mold, mold and smell of mud. The drawer is also recommended to open, though not so often. Therefore, "ventilate" always after the end of the cycle - do not let pests live in your washing machine and carry on your clothing. Invisible bacteria are harmful to you and to the household appliance. Keeping the maximum time open or at least until full drying allows the air to circulate in the drum. This type of maintenance does not require any time, effort, and resources, so you have no justification to miss it.

washing machine tubeCheck the tube

If you have tried everything and you have not yet found the right solution, it may have blocked the tube. You should check whether it is insignificant and can easily be removed, or a lot of dirt has accumulated. Be very careful, as it is not an easy task and you can make big stunts. You must use an unloading device to drain to avoid flooding.

There is water to drain - just so the tube can be cleaned. It is better to call a professional from the beginning for more safety. Either way, you can not do it yourself if the obstruction is more serious. Find a specialist service that is reliable. If the washing machine is still under warranty, ask yourself what it means. Sticking to these steps is more likely to repair the old washing machine. Otherwise, you will need a new investment because it is inevitable to get rid of the convenience of this appliance.

Recipe for neutralizing the smell of the washing machine

The most harmless, cheap, effective, and easy methods for removing odor, mold and dirt are home-made preparations. They do not contain harmful chemicals and lead to satisfactory results. There are no strict rules on how much time to use, but the more often, the better. Of course, the period when there is a clear need for cleaning is excluded.

cleaning washing machine with sodaRequired materials and ingredients:

  • clean bowl
  • fungus for cleaning
  • 2 teaspoons of vinegar
  • ¼ cup of soda
  • ¼ cup of water

Instructions and how to prepare:

  • Mix the soda and water in the bowl
  • Stir until pulp is formed
  • Pour the resulting mixture into the laundry detergent site
  • Pour vinegar directly into the drum
  • Choose a long cycle and a temperature above 60 degrees or the highest possible value for your washing machine.
  • Close the door and start the process

This cleaning is done in an empty washing machine and is an ideal way to remove limestone and other deposits. Soda and vinegar are ingredients that do wonders with little effort. Vinegar is an unrivaled odor remedy for all appliances - refrigerator, oven, microwave, and so on. If you feel a slight unwanted smell, you can put a coffee cup of white distilled vinegar in the drum to wash. This will clean the machine and wash your clothes at the same time.