Which are the best laundry detergents?

Every household has a special attitude to the freshness and good looks of their clothes. Many are willing to set aside a high amount of detergents to get the best quality. Statistics show that America spends $ 5.1 billion on laundering detergents on an annual basis and that most use the same brand. And do you tend to stick to the same type of detergent or do you like to test the abundance of commercial networks? If you think you like monotony, look below how many choices you have.
The three best and preferred brands of detergents

The persistence of the first actively operating detergent dates back to 1907 in Germany. All these years he has evolved and today you can find it in the form of a washing powder, a liquid preparation, a capsule or tablets. They all do a great job for your laundry. The capsules and tablets are placed directly into the drum, while others require a more precise dosage depending on the amount of clothing you will be using. Persil gives you the ability to wash "bio", which means it contains enzymes that allow removal of stubborn, unpleasant stains that could be removed and at low temperatures, which are more gentle. People are not interested in its price because its quality is unsurpassed.


tideThe product often competes with Persil and is far from yielding. Here is the time for Tide Ultra Stain Release Free Liquid to stand out with a survey that wins first place. The sample is based on a 85-hour study, 456 kilograms of laundry, and soaked bacon fat cloths. We tested 42 types of detergents. Tide's variants are suitable for the perfect washing and scenting of your clothes. The brand is specialized in innovation, constantly looking for development opportunities in its recipe for the most effective removal of stains. It has a wide range of collections - Free & Gentle Collection, The Sport Odor Defense Collection, Tide purclean, Original Collection,

Tide Ultra OXI Collection:

  • Free & Gentle Collection - this is a series of more sensitive skin that removes dirt but does not contain perfume.
  • The Sport Odor Defense Collection - thanks to it you can treat your sports clothes. Nowadays, sports are often practiced and there are special stain removers and the unpleasant smell that is worn after heavy exercises.
  • Tide purclean - this collection is ideal for the plant ingredient adherents in the products it uses. It has 65% natural ingredients in its formula that are certified. Wash well with cold water.
  • Original Collection - creates softness, freshness, clothes come out almost smooth and does not cause static adhesion.
  • Tide Ultra OXI Collection - also helps with the most stubborn stains that have stayed without being treated. It has liquid and powdery variants that powerfully handle every challenge you face.


ariel detergentFirst launched in 1967. The first impressions made are the shiny white clothes that come after washing. Then they use the impressive combination of enzyme compounds and bleach. Subsequently, there is a laundry detergent for color washing, which allows the color to be preserved.

Over the years, it has evolved many times, and now you can look fascinating with your clothes by using gel, liquid formula, powdered detergent or Pods. Ariel 3in1 PODS is the product that causes furore on the market. It is a three-compartment capsule that is unique and cleans perfectly.

The nature of the stain has no chance of a triple formula that is extremely reliable. The newest product that launched the brand in the early 2018s. is Ariel purclean, which contains 70% of herbal ingredients and has the ability to wash brilliantly at 20 ° C, which saves you energy costs.

There are many other options that are reliable and your wardrobe will smell great. They also wash well and have good composition but are not the most famous because they produce other types of household preparations, not just or mainly laundry. Some of them are:





method detergentIn 2000, two friends decided to create well-designed cleaning products that looked good, quality and did not include toxic agents in their composition. You can enjoy a glittering floor, well-washed and hygienized household utensils or a wardrobe from which to "breathe" freshness.
Gain - it's a good alternative in the middle class. You can get good results for an adequate value. Its aroma lasts up to several days. Removes without any problems and heavier dirt.


The product offers high quality ingredients at a good price. Hypoallergenic and the fragrances offered by the brand are made entirely of natural fragrances and essential oils. Built in a combined formula with softener, which further reduces your costs.

Arm & Hammer

Includes a variety of products - tooth care, detergents, as well as a series of cleaning and odor-cleaning products as a result of your favorite Mr or Mrs Cat. Caring for clothes has proven to be an ideal remedy for removing any kind of stains and scents according to your preference.

Mrs. Meyer's

The composition of the preparations is at least 97% of the plant, which is biodegradable and contains essential oils that contribute to the incredible aroma. Various products for kitchen cleaning, aromatic candles, hand and body care, and more are included in the product variety of the brand.
All Free & Clear - this product is very suitable for baby laundry, for people with allergies or sensitive skin as it is created without dyes and perfumes. It is suitable for all types of fabrics that are washed in any degree.

Why use a softener in addition to the detergent?

Lately, there are quite a few different theories about the use or not of a softener. Some consider it a commercial trick, but make sure how useful it could be to you:
It helps for faster drying of the clothes - it will help you during the winter periods, when the drying in the dryer or the drying room is sometimes slower and you can not get wet. Trust on his ability to shorten this period, though he can not replace the sun that does his job best. With this little trick, you will not need your steam or household drier to be eternally bursting.

Keeps the tissues in good condition - you can extend your favorite clothes due to the effect created by the suitably chosen softener. It has the ability to "smoothen" the threads, make them shiny, protect against twisting and unraveling. The appearance of unwanted "beads" on your clothes could be prevented.
It takes static electricity from clothes - it is very suitable for wool and synthetic fabrics, which are often electrically electrified and create a slight discomfort when wearing them. By putting the flavor into the right drawer of your washing machine, this little problem will be eliminated.

The three best softeners


lenorThis is the number one softener and is known in almost all countries. It is found in all kinds - liquid, crystals, minerals, pearls. The fragrances offered by the brand are also very different and could satisfy any smell. There is a look that is specifically designed to care for your baby, a smell that will take you closer to nature or more perfumed formulas that last up to 12 hours. With Lenor you will feel comfortable in your clothes, because they will be saturated in color, will not be stretched, without static adhesion and will feel how they smell throughout the day.


The name itself can tell you the convenience that this product will create. It is one of the most popular softeners that noticeably "nourishes" the tissues so they look better. The product will help you increase your confidence and go proud. With it, your dress or your top-season blouse will not look like it's faded or faded, but it's going to be just out of the store. Comfort offers "true admirers" a formula designed for babies and people with sensitive skin that sometimes show allergic reactions. The aroma is not so saturated, but it gives the same freshness.


This brand is best known for home-made preparations, but it is also a top-class make-up and is often used. Characteristic for them is the pleasant aroma. It is a hypoallergenic product that will not cause allergic reactions to your skin. Dermatologically tested and awarded by the Skin Health Association. It is suitable for all types of clothing as well as for bed linen and is compatible with all detergents.

Of course, there is no way to describe all possible detergents, but we hope these are enough to get you to try something new. Whether from pure curiosity or because a fragrance is already so tired, bring innovation to your home.