How to repair scratches on home appliances?

The recesses in the appliances may be a defect in the purchase of the appliances itself, which can save you extra money. There are specialized stores for new appliances with minor defects. They may also occur during operation. The fact is that they do not interfere with the proper functioning of the appliance and are sometimes small and inconspicuous, especially if they are in the side parts. However, seeing yourself in the front may be annoying because they threaten the view in the kitchen.

Most noticeable are the stainless steel and modern black appliances. Well, great if you made a purchase in one shade. However, it is unlikely that you would be pleased to have small and large scratches on the refrigerator, the washing machine, the mixer, the toaster, the bakery, etc. Try to tackle this problem so that you are not ashamed to invite guests to the kitchen.

How to successfully remove scratches on stainless steel appliances?

small-oven-white Stainless steel is a modern material from which many appliances for professional and home use are made. You are probably surrounded by many similar products, starting with the sink, toaster, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, etc.

Stainless steel is durable, corrosion resistant, recyclable and easy to manufacture, but maintaining its appearance requires great care. You may have already noticed that a few hours after cleaning, there is again something to do for your appliances, especially if you have used them, even once. The more unpleasant moment comes when you see fine concave lines. Don't worry, you can easily remove them without damaging the surface:

Polishing light scratches


  • Determine the direction of the scratch - when you look better, you will notice where the scratch goes. You have to do the rubbing in this direction (horizontal or vertical), because otherwise it will further aggravate the appearance of the surface
  • Choose the right abrasive cleaner for this type of surface - you can use commercial stainless steel or home-made copper, toothpaste and more. Be careful if you make a detergent of your choice so as not to damage the surface
  • Make a solution with water if you are using powders - if you are wondering about the exact consistency that should be obtained, take the toothpaste as an example. Of course, read the instructions for use to make the most effective paste possible
  • Rub the detergent on the scratch - if you use some kind of liquid detergent, spray it on a clean, soft cloth. Then rub in the same direction that the scratch appeared. If you have made a paste, rub it back on a towel. Perform the procedure until the scratch is gone. Apply extra cleaner if needed
  • Wipe off any leftover detergent or paste - use a soft sponge or clean microfiber cloth. Wipe away whatever is left of the glossy surface
  • Polish the surface and check for scratches - use a dry cloth. If the results do not satisfy you completely, repeat the process

 Grinding deeper scratches


  1. Choose the right sanding product - sometimes scratches are deeper and require more aggressive methods to remove them. However, it is a bit risky here, especially when it comes to frontal sections. Used detergents, cleaning pads (coarser and finer), sandpaper (400 and 600) and accessories
  2. Apply the sanding product - apply a few drops of the compound on the rougher pad. Soak the sandpaper (400) in a bowl with water and spray a few drops of spray water on the surface of the pad.
  3. Rub on the surface with a scratch pad with a coarser pad - again act in the direction of the scratch. Act fine, with long lines and even movements. The coarser pad uses the sandpaper 400
  4. Sand the entire surface - you have to treat the entire surface, because the sanded part will look different from the rest. The process is a little more laborious but efficient, though you have to be careful about what kind of device it is. It is not advisable to run the risk of injuring larger visible areas, such as the refrigerator door
  5. Repeat the grinding process with a finer pad - use the other sanding pad (600) here, soaking it again with water. Apply the same sanding as you did with the coarser pad

How to remove scratches from black appliances?

smiley-woman-opening-black-fridgeThe initial choice of models and colors of electrical appliances is exciting because everything in the specialist shops looks sleek and the interior shines with cleanliness. However, it is clear that you have to make a personal assessment of the difficulty of the subsequent maintenance of each appliance. Black appliances look very luxurious, but every spot, drop or scratch is clear. Perhaps this kind would disappoint any hostess because it disturbs the beautiful appearance of the overall interior. The good thing is that there are many ways to facilitate the process of eliminating the terrible scratches that have formed over time:

Necessary products :

  • Cotton towels or soft sponge for cleaning the car - the important thing is that they are clean and do not scratch the smooth surface
  • Carnauba wax
  • Abrasives and chemicals-free cleanser - it is recommended that it be weaker and not an aggressive agent

Steps to remove scratches from black appliances:


  • Start treating the surface with a mild detergent and a sponge that cleans up car paint
  • Dry the appliance with a soft cloth to shine
  • Apply the wax directly on the affected areas of scratches - do the procedure by making circular motions
  • Wait a minute for it to harden and act - it usually takes 2-3 minutes to read, read it
  • Remove the wax again using a clean cloth or sponge that does not scratch. Continue circling until the wax is completely removed
  • Enjoy good results and, if not satisfactory enough, repeat the process in the same order

The scratches on the black surfaces are removed with the trick used in cars. They have a similar appearance and often have different scratches - when driving, parking or staying. This technique works well, so it is also applicable to household appliances. You can achieve great effect in your home by regaining the incredible shine by polishing every home appliance you use.