How to replace the cracked glass on my cooktop?

Glass stoves, in combination with glass hobs, give a modern look to the kitchen. They are stylish and beautiful. They have the ability to change the overall appearance, even of an older, equipped cooking area. The replacement of old hotplates is always present in an ongoing repair. New ceramic acquisitions require ongoing maintenance, but they have a number of benefits that bring benefits to the master hostess.

The innovative hot plates are heated in seconds and have enough grades for master chefs, ie. cooking is fun and easy. However, emergencies such as the loss of a heavy item or utensils on the hob causing cracking are not excluded. It is easily contaminated with boiling or fried foods, but the positive is that the care it requires is regular and easy to clean. Come on! It's time to install and then have a delicious meal.

Cracks in the hob - whether to use or replace

woman-boiling-water-sauce-pan  Each family has a set monthly budget and is horrified at the need for major repairs or replacement of appliances. All this has to do with extraordinary expenses, time and effort. In case your hob gets cracks, for one reason or another, it is best to assess the extent of the defect. This will make the right decision:

Large cracks

This is the worst option. You may have seriously cracked something on top, or failed to operate the appliance properly. In such cases, it is necessary to replace the old one and purchase a new one that will fit perfectly in the same place. Many incomprehensible professionals neglect the appearance and continue to use the hob by taking various insane actions. Do not try to replace small pieces with epoxy or to fill the space in other ways.

However, dishes are prepared on it that should provide a healthy lifestyle, not the other way around. Options for any kind of repairs are impractical, because all those materials are harmful to human health and, when high heat, they are associated with food. It is better to use another type of cookware until you find a way to replace the ceramic hob.

Cleaning cracks

woman-s-hand-cooking-chicken-frying-pan-electric-cooktopSmall and insignificant cracks are not a particular problem for the continued operation of the hob. They may be due to slight scratches or others that may have occurred during cooking or cleaning. The worst part is that the type of hot plate is deteriorating, but if it doesn't "take your eyes off" there is no need for a new investment. Keep cooking and ignore the small imperfections.

The main disadvantage with this type of small cracks is that they may be minimal, but over time they will collect dust and various food debris. It is advisable to get some of the useful cleaning solutions and pads available on the market (if you do not have them at home). This can help to reduce minor cracks.

Why is it necessary to take seriously the cracks in the hob?

Despite these variations of large and small cracks, you should actually be careful with this type of malfunction. Don't put your whole family at risk! Clearly, large cracks require complete replacement. It is advisable to make it with a technician who has the necessary competencies to work with electricity. However, the hob runs on electricity and the chance of electric shock is not excluded. In case of minor cracks, also seek professional advice. It matters where they are - they should not be near the burners.

Bare cables are a serious threat to humans. For this reason, more manufacturers are always pushing customers for replacement rather than for various repairs. Think about this option - it's still your loved ones.

Steps for replacing a cracked hob

The beautiful ceramic hob is designed to withstand a variety of resistance from cooking utensils as well as small scratches. However, this is not a guarantee that an accidental breakage of the cooktop is not possible. Unfortunately, there are always exceptions that lead to a defect.

You probably don't bother replacing your old and cracked hob, but you have no particular choice. The process is complicated and time consuming, so you need to know the sequence of its implementation. Roll up the sleeves and replace the hob so your wife can continue with healthy cooking.person-boiling-rigatoni-pasta-saucepan-electric-stove

  • Step 1: Pull out the stove to reach the power cord. Turn it off! Disconnect the circuit breaker if it is connected to the circuit. Call in a helper to facilitate the process of removing the stove
  • Step 2: Open the oven door and find the screws that are attached to the top of the stove. Use a suitable screwdriver to develop them. Put them in a safe place so you don't lose them
  • Step 3: Start by lifting the ceramic hob. Do it on one side - support it with a wooden spatula or something else
  • Step 4: Locate the hexagon screws that secure the burners to the underside of the hob. There are brackets that need to be removed, followed by burners
  • Step 5: Remove the wooden object that holds the glass. Carefully remove the panel
  • Step 6: Place the damaged hob on a blanket or cloth down so that you can remove the screws holding the brackets on top of the stove
  • Step 7: Next comes the new hob. Place the new plate of the same size down on another blanket. Fasten the old brackets. Then connect the brackets to the screws again removed from the old glass top. Rotate the mounting plate
  • Step 8: Raise the hob and stand over the stove, place the rear brackets in the same place under the control panel
  • Step 9: Repeat the procedure with a wooden spoon or spatula, but in the opposite position. Here you have to deal with the location of the burners and the cross brackets to the underside of the hob. Tighten the old screws
  • Step 10: Complete the process - the hob should be perfectly connected, the stove in place and all screws tightened. Then switch on the stove or circuit breaker