How to repair a microwave that does not heat?

The microwave oven is considered to be a not very useful device for rapid warming. However, it is sought after and present in almost every home. Everyone is aware of the recommended operating tips, but they are not so trained in what to do in the event of a malfunction. The most common problem with this type of stove is to stop heating.

Do not quickly write off such an indispensable electrical appliance, because there are many reasons for this, some of which are repairable. You can look carefully at each element if you have any knowledge, or seek professional advice. Remember that if it is under warranty, it is best not to take any action but to bring it directly to a certified workshop.


Reasons to stop microwave heating

The symptoms can be of any nature and the problem may be in its various constituent parts. However, before it is established, one can only make assumptions. The diodes and magnetrons are most likely to burn, as well as the malfunction of the door breaker. The more "suspicious" elements are the following:


The diode is an important part of the microwave design. The microwave may operate but may not perform its main activity, namely warming. The problem may come at a time of high voltage on the diode, which actually has the job of supplying the magnetron. The high voltage diode is located near the magnetron and the high voltage capacitor. Make it safe by turning off the power. Only then will you get the access you need. The capacitor must also be handled with precision to prevent electric shock. You will need a multimeter for self-testing. If you are not particularly familiar with its operation, seek professional help, although most meters have a special setup in this direction (for diodes). You can try to detect the diode change - if it shows low resistance in both directions or none. In case of good resistance, further competent research by a certified technician should be made. A test is required to supply the power to the circuit as well as other additional procedures.


Door Switch

woman-using-microwaveAnother major issue is the door switch. These are the so-called blocking switches. They play an important role in the proper functioning of the heating stove - they serve to provide power to the components as well as to stop them when the door is opened. You are probably wondering how this affects the stopping of warming?

The damage may not be very serious, which means that the motor motor and / or the agitator motor will resume normal operation. However, what will block the heat is stopping the magnetron. It is directly connected to the door locks. Again, finding the malfunction will require a useful multimeter again.

To do this, a safe field of work must be restored after switching off the appliance. Press the drive button to establish continuity between terminals. Replacement is required if one is not available. Only door adjustment may be required. If all this seems like a climb to Everest, then from the very beginning you should seek professional but sure help.


woman-using-ovenThe third major factor in missing the required heat may be in the magnetron. It performs the main activity - providing microwaves that provide the necessary heating in the narrow space of the appliance. In the event of a malfunction, it must be removed to restore normal operation of the microwave. You should get access to the part, but first turn off the power and drain the high-capacitor again. These preventative safety measures should not be overlooked. An electric appliance is possible, and there is no risk of electricity. The test is again performed with a multimeter.

The conductors attached to the magnetron are connected to the magnetron terminals, which gives an indication of the corresponding continuity or absence thereof. The correct resistance is 2-3 ohms. If this test does not give any indication of defects and replacement of the magnetron, further more professional research is needed. In case a replacement is needed, you can decide for yourself whether it is worth it and whether you can handle it yourself. Sometimes it's better to focus on a new investment.


High Voltage Capacitor

The capacitor works closely with the high voltage diode. Heating the microwave will stop heating if the capacitor burns. This will put the whole high voltage circuit in difficulty and it will stop functioning properly.

It is recommended that no attempt be made to replace you or even to test the capacitor, although only a capacity meter is required. The truth is that a large amount of electricity is stored in the capacitor, even when it is off. Some actions by an inexperienced person can lead to deadly results. Trust a licensed technician!

High Voltage Transformer


Transformer failure is another possibility of microwave failure. It will probably form a black rainbow and smell like burned out - this gives a clear indication that it needs to be repaired. The operation of the appliance is connected to a very high voltage to create the necessary power supply. In this way, energy is released which contributes to the function of cooking or quick heating of dishes.


Although microwaves are not recommended for human health, it is difficult for people to give up using them. This is not such a big deal, but don't take any action on your own when repairing the high voltage transformer. Do it as a last resort, with great precision, and only if you have any knowledge of the field, and most of all with electricity work.


Thermal Fuse


You can probably guess what the function of the thermal fuse is. It serves for safety in the event that the microwave reaches overheating. It directly interrupts the power supply, which can cause extensive damage. The thermal fuse may have burned out or the cause of the non-heating may be otherwise.


appliance repair londonYou could check this yourself (it is advisable to have it done by an experienced person) using a multimeter. Thanks to the impeccable test, it will be understood whether the part needs replacement. If continuity is not available, seek a replacement technician.


Main Control Board

It is not ruled out for damage in the main control panel, although it is very rare. This should be one of the latest diagnostics, after extensive testing of the other elements in the microwave oven. Should such a problem occur, the board should be replaced.

See if it's worth it, or it's better to buy a new appliance. Changing the control panel is not an easy process and requires competence because there is a high risk of life. Even a microwave off can cause detrimental damage because multiple volts of current are stored in the high voltage capacitor.