How to properly maintain our microwave oven?

Is a microwave oven useful?

 A microwave oven is an appliance that is often recommended to be removed from the kitchen counter in your home because of the presence of electromagnetic waves.

We all know that the food prepared in this appliance loses a significant portion of the vitamins, minerals and other beneficial properties contained in it.

blonde-young-woman-inserting-bowl-microwaveHowever, it is the quickest way to warm up, make coffee, make bouquets of the products available in the fridge, even various pastries with different flours, which you often come across in culinary blogs that are cooked in just a few minutes. These tricks and small benefits lead to time savings and reduced energy bills.

The harms that food brings to our health today are many, but it is more useful to warm up something cooked for us in a few minutes than to eat fast-moving goods. If you eat at a fast food establishment, there is also a risk that hygiene will be at a much lower level, the products are probably not carefully selected and a large amount of fat is used, in which frequent use does not lead to a healthy lifestyle. It is well known that time is a resource that never reaches us, and in household chores it seems to evaporate, so the microwave oven could become a good helper in the kitchen.

 Easy tips for cleaning a microwave

 It is amazing that we take advantage of the benefits that the stove provides, but just like anything used, it must be maintained for proper depreciation. There are different types of hosts. Some keep the shine in the kitchen, tending to spend long rubbing and robbing cleanliness, while others seek practicality and faster effect.

 Both types can benefit from the tips below:

  • One of the tips is that when you buy this unplugged appliance or after extensive cleaning, it should also be one of those lids that will prevent you from spraying your favorite food.
  • Often the cleaning is completed and you are happy to sit for a break. The pleasant moment can only be eclipsed by a slight deviation when starting a minute of warming and another spray of grease on the walls.
  • Therefore, take advantage of this practical part so that your efforts are not meaningless.

 And now the easy ways to clean

 Washing with water


The easiest way to clean your microwave fat is by heating plain water. It is suitable for a recently soiled surface. To do this, place a bowl of water in the microwave, and it is recommended that it be wider to evaporate the water. After turning on the stove for maximum power for a period of 10-15 minutes, wipe with a soft sponge.



Cleaning with soda

 The second way of cleaning is more aggressive and more efficient. Pour 2/3 of the bowl volume into the bowl and add 3 tablespoons of baking soda, then stir. Turn on the microwave at maximum power for 15 minutes.


For better washing, leave the bowl full of water for 20 minutes after it stops working without opening the door. Clean contaminated areas with a sponge, if more stains remain, repeat the procedure again, but this time turn on the timer in less than a minute.

 Vinegar cleaning

 Cleaning a microwave oven is very easy with vinegar, water and a sponge.

Put two glasses of water and two tablespoons of vinegar in a bowl suitable for use.

Use a larger bowl to reduce the risk of overflow.

You can put a toothpick in the solution, this step is optional, but it reduces the possibility of explosion. Bubbles are formed by boiling on a wooden stick and thus ensure safe boiling of water. Once everything is cooked, place the bowl in the microwave and turn it on vigorously for 5 minutes.


The water in the bowl will boil, there will be steam and vinegar vapors. They will stick to the walls, the acid will dissolve everything and you only have to wipe everything with a sponge.

The dirt will be easily removed without friction and unnecessary physical movement. You will be amazed at the easy procedure, which at first glance looks like an advertisement for detergents. Of course, be careful not to burn yourself. Wait another 5 minutes after the oven bell rings without opening the door.

Citrus peeling

 Another tried and tested easy method is to use orange peel. If you do not currently have orange peel but have lemons, tangerines or grapefruit, do not rush to the nearby store because all the citrus fruits contain the necessary acids you need.

The way is the same - place the peels of one citrus fruit in a microwaveable water bowl and start the timer until you notice the active vapor from the window. They should last at least a minute or two. Again, allow it to cool, open and clean with kitchen paper. If the results are not satisfactory, repeat the exercise.


And for another quick and lazy way, you can only put the bark in the oven and let it warm for a minute or two. Again, moisture and acid must accumulate on the walls, which will help break down the fat and have that pleasant orange scent that is strong and spreads throughout the room. Wipe again with a few movements or repeat as needed.

If you are not from a family that trusts the cleanliness of a housekeeper and avoids cleaning supplies, you should be in this role. These simple ways, with extremely few and easy ingredients, will help you combat the cleaning of your small appliance.