BEKO Dishwasher With Display

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Dishwasher functional test

Functional test is a special sequence of program steps dedicated for service purposes.

During the test some fault conditions can be detected by the electronics and shown through program indicator lights as shown in the error codes below. It should be noted however that not all faults can be detected and that the problem may have to be diagnosed by the repairer.

In order to enter the functional test mode, while the dishwasher is switched off press the start/stop/pause and program selection buttons together and hold them while powering up the dishwasher, keep holding the buttons for 3 seconds.

All of the indicators light on for 2 seconds after entering the test mode except the salt and rinse aid light.

After entering the test mode, start the program by pressing the โ€œstart/stopโ€ button.

Short program follows the steps below:

  1. Memory reset
  2. Drain out test - approximately 30sec.
  3. Water fill test โ€“ approximately 3 liters
  4. Water circulation ,heating and detergent test โ€“ approx. 1min
  5. Water circulation and heating functional test โ€“ approx. 2min.
  6. Regeneration valve test โ€“ approx 1min
  7. Water inlet and draining โ€“ approx 3 liters
  8. Draining test - approx 30 sec.
  9. Functional test end

During the test program, if any errors or faults are detected then they will be displayed in the manner as shown below for fault codes.


H2 โ€“ Dishwasher turbidity sensor error

The turbidity sensor is the sensor in the sump that detects the presence of deterrgent

H3 - Dishwasher diverter valve position error

The diverter valve is the valve that controls the water flow to the either the top or

bottom spray arms or to both at same time

H4 โ€“ NTC error

Dishwasher cannot read the temperature sensor

H5 - Uninterruptable water inlet error

  • Malfunction of Water-Inlet Valve (stuck as open)
  • Malfunction of T7 triac on the electronic board

H6 โ€“ water inlet fault

No water is detected

  • Check water stopcoc

H7 โ€“ Heating fault

Dishwasher doesn`t read heating

  • Check water heater
  • Check wiring
  • Check main module