What can cause a toaster oven to stop heating?

The toaster works to fulfill its main function - warming. A small amount of heat develops in the small space near a slice of bread, which contributes to even baking on both sides at the same time. It is one of the cheapest appliances, but its convenience is irreplaceable. What better than starting your day with a healthier breakfast?

The good thing about this small appliance is that it has been in operation for many years and does not cause many problems. The most common manifestation of malfunction comes from the lack of heat, which leads to the omission of toast. However, don't rush to throw your little helper into the kitchen, as the problem can be easily and quickly resolved.

portrait-happy-woman-roasting-bread-toaster  Stages of operation of the toaster

  1. Putting the food to warm - can be bread slices, toast sandwiches, strudel or similar. Everything you want should be positioned through the slot of the small appliance. Then lower the chassis, press the handy button in the sides
  2. Reaching to the bottom and switching on an internal switch - when the slice reaches the required depth, it is fixed in this position. The switch is then activated to provide the required warming.
  3. Adjusting the thermostat - this must be done manually because it determines the time of the flow of current from the power cable to the heating elements. There are several levels to choose from according to your personal preferences
  4. Raising Baked Food - Once the necessary heat is obtained and the food is baked to the required degree, the solenoid automatically cuts off the current, releases the locking mechanism and raises the food up. Removing it from the toaster is easy, fast and safe

Main malfunctions of the toaster when heated

It is clear that the problem will occur when the small appliance stops warming. You would hardly lose your start of the day with toast, so the source of the problem must be identified:

  • The presence of food particles is the smallest problem, but often consumers think that the life of the toaster is over. The truth is that crumbs and broken pieces of bread get to the bottom and pile up over time. This impedes the movement of the inner grille, blocking the heating elements and the lock, which obstructs the solenoid's operation. That is why it is necessary to dispose of the collected crumbs and other particles into it at least once a week. Cleaning is quick and easy - unplug the toaster and turn it back into the trash can. Many models have a special tray at the bottom where everything is collected. Removing and disposing of it will restore the toaster to its old way of working
  • Malfunctions on the basic heating components of the toaster - as you already know, the toaster has a simple mechanism. It is a heater that expresses its main work. In order to work best, it must be regularly cleaned and in good working order. There are not many options for stopping the warming - a large amount of food waste getting into the base and damage to the heating elements. One repair technician goes through the lock service, the chassis, recalibrating the thermostat, and checking the solenoid. Be sure to ask about the price in advance because it may cost you as much as a new toaster. It is not very difficult to handle yourself through all the steps of repairing the possible components. The following is a description of how it can be done

How to repair the toaster yourself?

toast-bread-slice-pop-up-food-toasterRepair of the lock assembly

  • Get access to the lock - Remove the back cover, including any available fasteners. Almost all models are accessible from the bottom of the toaster
  • Check the lock kit - there may be crumbs or larger debris collected that will block the appliance. For even more precise cleaning, use air to remove any crumbs. Make sure you also clean the lock location
  • Check the carriage mechanism - the upward and downward movement must be carried out normally by operating the lever on the side. This means that there is no problem detected. If the movement is not so easy, lubricating oil can be used
  • Check the end of the lock - the lock is an important component of hot bread. Slight fixing may be required if it is not fully operational

Checking the chassis

woman-inserting-bread-toasterThe chassis, for those who are not very familiar with the different parts of the toaster, is a frame. Most of the mechanism is actually mounted on this frame. This is a prerequisite for the importance of the element. Removing the chassis is also necessary in the event of a malfunction of the other heating elements, which have the important task of warming up.

To repair or replace, carefully remove the frame. Disassembly of the toaster must begin by removing the levers, buttons and other mounting components. Only then the chassis is removed. The power cord may also need to be turned off. When a specific malfunction is detected for lack of warming in the toaster, you will find out whether it is necessary to replace the whole frame or only individual elements.

Re-calibrate the thermostat

  • Clean the toaster - food leftovers are a major source of blockage and interruption of electronics, so this option should be eliminated
  • Prepare the toaster for calibration - switch off the toaster and wait for it to cool if used shortly. Turn it back and open it from below
  • Recalibration - Most models have a clamp that has a calibration knob, screw, nut, or other that allows it to be screwed. This actually allows the thermostat to be calibrated. Adjusting the bracket to the solenoid switch will shorten the firing process, and moving it from the solenoid switch will produce more toast
  • Assemble the toaster again - Attach all items back to the toaster, close the lid and turn on the appliance. Check that you have handled the thermostat. If there is no indication of warming again, the part will need to be replaced

Solenoid repair

The solenoid switch or the solenoid itself may produce a defect that will disrupt the basic operation of the toaster. The switch is next to the thermostat and the solenoid is next to the lock. To reach them, you need to remove the cover. Take a continuity meter to see if it needs replacement. If a new part is needed, consider a new toaster or at least the entire chassis (if the solenoid and switches cannot be unscrewed). You may need a technician or special tools to make the change.