How to fix a broken microwave

The microwave oven is a convenience that every household is accuswoman-using-oventomed to. Warming a small amount of meals per minute or a glass of tea water are habits that require a small appliance. An unpredictable malfunction would confuse the entire daily life of the household, so the problem must be rectified. Repairing a microwave oven can be a difficult task, though many take care of it themselves. It may take 15 minutes for those who are aware of the components, but others need to gain some knowledge in advance.

The main component is the magnetron, but it includes a drive motor, transformers, switches and fuses, a capacitor, etc. Each element can cause a malfunction. Restore the old way of working by relying on professional help or finding the defect yourself. The microwave is an indispensable helper in the kitchen, so repairing it doesn't take too long.

Major problems with the microwave oven

Unusual noise

Different sound than usual gives an indication of certain malfunctions in the unit. It can be due to many things, but the real problem must be diagnosed. Magnetron, drive motor, high voltage diode, drive clutch, cooling fan, roller driver required.

Touchpad problems

This is a common problem among customers. The touchpad is important for the operation of the heater, so you need to find out what the problem is. In this particular case, extensive study of the diaphragm switch and control panel is required. If you are unable to handle it yourself, seek the help of a specialist.

blonde-young-woman-inserting-bowl-microwaveThe microwave does not stop

Much of the fault is due to the inability to start the small electrical appliance, but it is likely that it cannot be turned off. Although quite rare, an inspection must be made in the direction of the door and panel lock switch.

It does not warm

Lack of warming is a serious problem. Use a multimeter to see the impedance of the high voltage diode, magnetron, and door switch. You may need to replace some of the parts or make a new purchase.

Microwave doesn't work

If you decide to have a quick hot drink one morning but the housekeeper does not leave at all, it means that a defect has occurred. You can only guess what it is, but go for an inspection of the ceramic and thermal fuse, the mechanism of the door lock and the door switch.

Food does not rotate

For balanced and quality heating, the microwave oven must function properly. If you notice that the proper rotation of the plate is not being performed, it may be due to the drive motor, the clutch or the roller driver. Find a way to fix the problem.

woman-using-microwaveThe door does not close properly

Failure to close the door will block the start of the appliance. It is clear that this is a problem that is probably due to the mechanism of the lock and torsion springs. Learn how to repair them or seek a licensed technician.

The door is locked

Hardly the stove wants to put you on hungry mode without opening the door, so there's probably a good reason. Here you need to point to the lever or door lock. Test carefully for a problem and replace the microwave latch if necessary. This will eliminate the problem of locking the small home appliance

casual-girl-using-microwave-heat-cupThe exhaust fan does not work

This is a clear indication of a defect in the fan. The problem is easily solved if you have minimal knowledge of the field. The re-functioning of the part could be quick, so find a way to handle it yourself. There is plenty of information on the Internet that would be useful for you.

Other problems

An additional problem, besides the mentioned ones, could be the sparks coming out of the enclosure. Make sure you have not misplaced a dish that is not recommended for microwave use. Otherwise, sparks may be associated with a fault with the high voltage diode and the stirrer block. Look carefully at the inner cavity as well.


Basic steps to repair a damaged microwave


  • Step 1: Disconnect the microwave from the power cord and remove all possible elements from the tight space - this is the stand and glass plate that rests on it.
  • Step 2: Remove the appliance from the position where it is positioned to have access to the back of the appliance. Open the back cover by unscrewing the screws left and right with a screwdriver. Then go over to the screws at the back. There are four in each corner, but you will need a slightly more special type of gadget - a star type screwdriver
  • Step 3: Check the fuse before carrying out any other activities. It is necessary to open the back cover first and then measure the resistance. If any value appears on the meter, the fuse is not broken. However, if the resistance is infinite, it must be replaced
  • appliance repair londonStep 4: Check the door switches. To understand exactly where they are located and how they look, look at various illustrations on the Internet. As soon as they are removed, it will be clear whether they are different from one another and if there is a problem with them. To remove them, press the pin next to the switch and turn the key slightly
  • Step 5: Look at what's happening with the switch. There may be a broken part. For example, the plastic switch burned. Replacing the unit will cause the unit to be operated again
  • Step 6: If you have not found the damage yet, go to check the other items mentioned above. Look for photos and detailed ways to inspect each one. If you find the damage, check that it is worth replacing. Sometimes it is more cost-effective to buy a new appliance. If you are going to change anyway, seek out an experienced specialist if you find it difficult to do it yourself
  • Step 7: Before switching, you must remove the current in the capacitor. Even off, it has a high content of electricity that could cause very serious damage
  • Step 8: The final step involves closing the lid, tightening all the screws on all sides and operating your old appliance. Enjoy cooking and warming your home-cooked food!