Buy Ex-display appliances in London and save the Planet

Have you ever heard about ex-display appliances? Ex-display appliances have been displayed and used in the store. If you buy that type of appliances, you get a discount from the price.

Save the planet by buying them! Wondering how buying them is saving the planet? Easy answer: if they are not bought, the store managers are trowing them out.

Do you know that every year we bin about 50 Million tones of electrical waste world wide. This is about 4 million London buses worth in electrical waste including: washing machines, dishwashers, fridge freezers, cookers, tumble dryers and other smaller electrical appliances, some of them still working and in very good order.

We think that this is one efficient way to save money and helping the planet to survive longer by reducing electrical waste.

The next time you decide to buy a new appliance remember for this article and think wisely.

We wish you more wisely chosen purchases!

Be save and stay tuned for more articles!

Repairing and maintaining your appliance instead of replacing it will help reduce the impact we do to our planet. This will reduce the pollution from hazardous substances seeping into the ground, less energy used to reproduce the raw materials and less of our countryside being used for waste disposal.

Check Our dedicated page about ex display appliances here, where you can get an offer based on the appliance you need