Top Brands and Models of Washing Machines in 2018

If, with the advent of the first laundries, the hosts were in an indescribable joy that there was something to cancel them in hand washing, today requirements are increasing. The current period can be called the time of innovation and the rapid pace of development of the technique. The goal of washing machine manufacturers at all times is to offer the best to consumers and to satisfy their every desire to stand out for competitors.

Of course, there are brands that have a proven name in the field of white goods, and in particular the washing machines. They can make less effort to advertise because they have worked long over the years to reach it. On the other hand, however, they must maintain the level of quality in the production and functionality of the machines to continue to be among the top preferred brands.

How to distinguish the best brands and models of washing machines

Do not think that we will encourage you to buy the most expensive washing machine model. There is a wide variety of different companies and their developments. The price class can range from £ 200 to £ 900 and upwards. This does not mean that you can not find good quality at a relatively low price.

To do this, you need to check if your choice is on the right path. It is recommended that the washing machines be tested in advance. The comparison of the aforementioned washing machines is placed under the same conditions as their mode of operation. All of them are worthy to enter your home and assist you in household duties.

The tests that have been made are in the following direction:
● It is important for a good washing machine to measure water consumption as well as energy - making calculations for the cost of using it. The power of the appliance is one of the most important factors in choosing.
● the best sample of washing machines is testing for washing a specific piece of cloth or garment on which there are spilled any stains of blood, wine, coffee, juice, fat, etc. It has been shown that lower working capacity is not effective enough and can not remove the stains. This again does not mean that only expensive models can handle dirt.

Top models and brands of washing machines for 2018

Samsung AddWash WW80K6414QW

Samsung AddWash WW80K6414QWThis product stands out with many more advantages than flaws.

● Economical Super Eco Wash System
● Supports AddWash
● Allows control over the Smart Control application
● Works very quietly
● Removes stubborn stains
● Relatively affordable price

● When using standard cotton wash, use a large amount of water

What is AddWash?

This is an extremely useful feature for those who always miss to put everything in the washing machine. You no longer have to get angry because the cycle can be stopped and you can add a little item like a pair of socks you missed.

What is Smart Control?

Still, you live in the world of technology and increasingly the desires of users turn to management through easy phone applications. Here you will be able to control the washing process - start, stop and receive notifications related to certain indications. Almost at any moment you will be aware of what is happening to your washing machine.

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD 10667 DD

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RPD 10667 DDAdvantages:
● High energy efficiency
● Dries very well when operating the centrifuge
● Conserves water consumption
● Effective steam function
● There is antibacterial damage to the door

● Energy class A +++ is only shown in "Eco"
● Issues loud noise
● When fully loaded, it does not remove the spots at full power
● The maximum load must be less than 10 kg
The Hotpoint model will provide you with the laundry you need. Perhaps you will need to learn how to deal with it, but then you will be pleased with its features and low costs. It has a very good design and is defined as one of the most green and efficient systems. Ultimate S-Line is known on the market with its steam function for hygiene, intensive cleaning and direct spot treatment.


LG WM3770HWAAdvantages:
● Very reliable model
● The machine is very easy to use
● Energy efficient and with low water consumption
● Works very quietly and without vibration

● The control panel is not as intuitive as in other models of washing machines
LG is defined as the second most reliable brand after Samsung. It has a very good design and comes in white or stainless steel. There is a cycle that is used for super clean laundry. The water in it heats to a high degree, which serves to remove stubborn stains. It also meets standards for disinfection and anti-allergy. There is another program that is very handy - Speedwash. It is used for a small load and lasts for 15 minutes.

Bosch WAT28371GB

Bosch WAT28371GBAdvantages:
● High durability
● Quiet operation
● Anti-allergic system of work
● Unique drum structure

Disadvantages :

Not very suitable for smaller families because it does not work as efficiently
The model is in the A +++ energy rating, the VarioPerfect function is an ideal way to reduce your operating time by up to about 65%, and to consume up to 50% less energy.

The SpeedPerfect and EcoPerfect programs will assist you in this process. The machine runs at 1400 rpm. It is extremely useful and advisable to buy from people suffering from allergies because it is consistent with this.

Miele WDB020

In this model, the advantages and disadvantages seem to overlap, but it can still be said to be one of the best washing machines

Miele WDB020Advantages:
● High performance
● Low water consumption
● Easy to use
● You have a choice of used capsules
● Incredible results for stain removal

● The rotation process is not among the most efficient
● A large part of the load is also not effective
● It has an eco-cycle, but it can not be said
● The drum is limited to 7 kg
● It is not the quietest machine
● Capsules are not included
Miele is a brand almost without comparison, and this model is probably from the lowest price class. You can get the device for about £ 650. Against this amount, you get high quality with the A +++ class energy-enriched 1400-spindle machine with the innovative CapDosing system.

Whirlpool FSCR10432

Whirlpool FSCR10432Advantages:
● Very quiet operation mode
● Effective at 1400 rpm
● High energy efficiency
● Low water consumption
● FreshCare after washing
● Wide variety of programs and features

● Does not offer a postpone function
● In standard washing, it can not remove the stains very well
● There are some specific features in the load

It has 18 work mode programs and is one of the quietest launderettes. It is part of the SupremeCare series. The advantages lie in the light drum, which rotates with wavy movement, blurring cycle, as well as indication of the load on the sensor.

Whirlpool SupremeCare FSCR12441

Whirlpool SupremeCare FSCR12441Advantages:
● Capacity for maximum load
● Good eco-mass
● Automatic detergent dispenser and softener system
● Incredible final results after washing
● Very low costs
● Easy navigation and tuning

● Long eclipse cycle
● High price

This washing machine is something like the 5-star hotels. Perhaps everyone would have liked to touch the features and incredible technology of this model. It has a capacity of up to 12 kg and extremely low noise at work. Definitely the high price is worth the quality you will get. You have the ability to almost completely control the device from your phone. Model innovations are related to HSCX10441 dryer synchronization.

Grundig GWN59650CW

Grundig GWN59650CWAdvantages:
● Excellent end results when removing spots
● Has a variety of programs and features
● Has a ProDose automatic dosage system
● Low operating costs in Eco Mode
● Quiet way of working

● Press the buttons a little while
● The process is not environmentally friendly at half load

What is ProDose technology?

This is a very useful technology that will save you money. It has the ability to add the right amount of detergent and softener. It is based on the type of matter, the load and the degree of contamination. It can be called the "Washing Machine Brain".

The Grundig GWN59650CW offers its users a full range of programs and features. Goals 14 and two drum cleaning options. This gives you total freedom of choice in terms of washing - temperature, spin speed, extra rinse, and more. The machine is energy class A +++, although it reaches 1600 rpm.