Are the specialized products for cleaning a washing machine reliable?

Do You Care about your washing machine?

Think about what the result would be if you did not take care of yourself for years or did you clean the dirt from the kitchen counter? The view would be terrible, would not it? Not seeing every day what's going on in this precious white technique does not mean you have to damp it until it dies to function. The unpleasant thing is that because of an irregular cleaning, your clothes could swallow all microbes and fungi, and you can be dressed with them. Their appearance will become more terrifying in such a long washing.

washing machine cleaningIf you bet on one of the top-of-the-line items in your home, this will undoubtedly be your washing machine. Is there a cleaning schedule for the month or quarter? - hardly any. You expect her to "serve you faithfully", so just put her in a proper place. You have some indoor place in the closet or part of the built-in furniture.

You do not pay any attention to it until the light comes on and even an appliance repair service is needed. This is the unpleasant signal for a technical malfunction on any part, or you feel the unpleasant odor from the drum. There is also a third case where he does not even go.

At first glance, you say to yourself: Why clean it up, do you put the dirty clothes, and after a while they smell well and are they clean? Every household appliance does its job as intended, but after a certain use it requires its own. Do not wait too late, but take care of your laundry's hygiene.

In some homes the washing machine is working actively and almost daily. Imagine what amount of dirt is postponed monthly, but every year? There are statistics according to the American Clearing House that average one household spends 50 pounds a week, which means that more than 6,000 clothes are washed annually.

Steps to clean the washing machine

Needless to hope that you will never have to take care of your washing machine. You just have to choose one of all possible ways. which are classified as home and specialized preparations. This solution is in your hands, but there is a succession of execution that is almost identical. It will be easier for you if you are familiar with it and follow it. The chance of failure will be minimal.

  • Make sure the washing machine is completely empty
  • Put the detergent into the laundry dust compartment (it may also be poured into the drum, such as vinegar that neutralizes the odor).
  • Select a program according to the instructions, but in most cases a long cycle of the highest decomposition temperature is required.
  • Close the door tightly and run the machine.
  • Once finished, wipe off the damage and clean the filter.
  • Leave the washing machine open.

You see how easily and quickly everything is happening. It takes you five minutes and some time to hear the noise from your washing machine. Are not you accustomed to him daily?


washing machine filter cleaningTips for periodically maintaining your washing machine

If you follow these instructions, the chance to feel unpleasant "scent", to see mold or limestone, is minimal:

  • Clean the filter every time you remember, there is a lot of dirt
  • Wipe with a soft cloth and a liquid detergent that does not contain harmful chemicals
  • Clean the door cuff and the place of the washing powder and softener periodically. Then dry it
  • Leave it open to avoid smell, especially in less frequent use
  • Use quality detergents, liquids with lower salt content and make them safer for the environment


How to handle washing machine with home products

There was no laundry, what was left for cleaning. Over time, however, people are starting to try out different ways with tried and tested tools that do a good job, and do not need to spend too much on that.


Prophylactic cleaning

Below is a recipe that you can apply periodically without having a serious problem. This way you will be sure that your clothes do not have microbes:

  • ¼ cup of soda
  • ¼ cup of water
  • 2 teaspoons of vinegar
  • cleaning sponge
  • mixing vessel

Method of preparation: Soda and water mix and mix thoroughly so as to obtain a slurry. The ready mix is poured into the laundry detergent compartment. The vinegar is poured into the drum of the washing machine, as the mold or the smell comes out of it, and vinegar is the most effective means of removing it.


Cleaning mold and smell

cleaning the rubber sealingClean the rubber sealing very well

This is the most likely place for contamination. The reason for this is that there stays water that turns like mud. All this could easily be removed with a dishwashing detergent and a fungus. Then take the vinegar again and rinse with it and with water in equal proportions

Use soda to remove odor

Again you can make consistency from soda and water. Then smear, wait to stand and wipe. Another more powerful option is the use of hydrogen peroxide or chlorine. Use one liter, in both versions, and place them in the drum. Chlorine requires a lower water temperature of 40 ° C because it loses its efficiency. Due to the bleach-containing, you have to run another rinse cycle.


Put vinegar to the laundry

If you still have doubts that there might be unpleasant residues, add a little vinegar to the first wash. This will make sure you have done everything you can.


Why use special detergents to clean your washing machine?

washing machine cleaning detergentHowever, you have to agree that the products that are sold everywhere, as well as those that are destined for the specialized stores are the most hopeful. With them, you will have a 100% success rate.

Do not do a vain test and produce so as to provide customers with the best quality. Do not think they are so expensive and trust the tried and tested brands. Each pack has an instruction that will help you choose what will work for you. So why you should use them:

  • They take care of the inside of the appliance
  • Prevent the appearance of limescale or remove it. It also helps for any other deposits deposited in the drum and the filter.
  • Extends the life of the washing machine - the investment made can be used for a longer period thanks to the professional preparations.
  • Removes the dirt completely - goes deep into the drum, heater, camp and all the hard-to-reach areas. By conventional methods, this is not possible or so effective.


The most used detergents for cleaning the washing machines

calgon for washing machinesDirt, limestone and bacteria will be myth if you use any of these preparations:

  • Dettol - Keeping the washing machine clean will also reflect the cleanliness of your clothes. Thanks to the Dettol formula, you will kill up to 99.9% of the bacteria, even the most hidden places. Its prolonged and frequent use will avoid unwanted scale. It is recommended to use every two months.
  • Calgon - the most effective remedy for removing scale. If your "faithful assistant" has caused such harm, then surely his use will return the old shine. It is claimed that the small accumulated limestone layer when the preparation is not used is not harmful. Despite the speeches about the tablets that they do, but they are not very useful, Calgon is one of the most preferred so far
  • Clorox is suitable for the use of household washing machines or for professional use. It cleanses to shine, leaves freshness and aroma of perfume. It reaches invisible places where the odor is deposited as a result of prolonged use without cleaning.
  • Pro-kleen - has a powerful 2 in 1 formula to clean your washing machine. This product will release the limestone from the pipelines and will easily remove all the mold that has accumulated. You get good quality at a bargain price. The dosage is only 100 ml for one use.
  • Dr. Beckmann - it's a perfect solution for your laundry and everything related to it. It will turn the creamy clothes back into shimmering white, remove any stains and take care of the cleaning of your washing machine from the inside. The accumulated smell will be removed without any effort.
  • HG - a suitable detergent for washing dishwashers and washing machines. It is necessary to use the preparation once every three months, so that you do not see dirt, limescale or soapy water. All this remains on your clothes, and you could easily avoid it. With its help, you can prevent and damage the components of the machine before it stops completely, does not pump or anything else. It also prevents short circuits because the seals remain elastic and waterproof. It has been developed in close collaboration with specialists who are struggling for instrument faults.

Do not take your washing machine as one of all appliances! Imagine your existence without it, maybe it is impossible. It cleanses everything if you know how to exploit and maintain your washing machine properly - from the most inconspicuous spots, to the stinky socks, red stains of wine or your man's workwear, which is all in oil.

For all these dirt use appropriate detergents. They clean your clothes, but the dirt that comes out of them stays somewhere inside. To remove the "mess from the stains" on the drum and other parts, trust the variety of specialized detergents to clean the machines. So they will not cling to your clothes in any subsequent laundry.