Is it worth repairing household appliances?

You get up at work in the morning to start a toaster or have a blender with oatmeal, fruit and milk and you know that they just don't work. Well, it usually always happens when you are in a hurry or when you need it most. Such an event at the beginning of the workday may ruin your mood, but do not delve into the problem. Usually hosts begin to think and get into the eternal dilemma of repairing or buying a new appliance? How do you do in most cases?

Advantages of an appliance repair service

happy appliancesThe most important thing is to identify the malfunction of the appliance. It doesn't matter if it is a simple blender or a stove, because the problem can be easily resolved. Of course, the main factor is the price. Many repairs consist of replacing a small part that will cost you the lowest price, as opposed to buying a new appliance.

There are also many skillful housekeepers who can handle the home repairs themselves. This automatically saves some extra cost for craftsmen and carrying the appliance in a certified workshop. Also, be sure to keep the warranty cards of the appliances. It is very possible that some repairs will be free of charge if the warranty is still valid.

Advantages of a replacement service

Replacing your old appliance also has benefits, though you may have to make a new investment at an unexpected time. On the plus side, merchants today offer pay-per-view goods to keep the monthly budget of a household in check. Take a good look at things when you buy a new device - you have the choice of improved technology.

A number of new models may have come out that will serve you better in the kitchen. So, be careful about what is right for you - replace or repair it, even if there is room for repair. There are many cases where a new appliance is a more cost-effective solution than replacing expensive parts for a washing machine, microwave, stove, etc.

Questions to answer before you can buy or repair?

How much will the repair cost?

special-priceAccording to some experts, first, the amount for repairing the appliance should be determined. Then, if it is below 50% (about 20-30%) of the price of a brand new appliance, it is worth repairing. However, if you need to recycle an old appliance that works for more than 50% of the value of a new one, it makes no sense. Repairs can be time consuming, you must pay separately for a spare part that you are not sure you will find, as well as a technician. It is very often that the defective part is no longer produced on the market. Especially if you own the appliance for over 10 years. Better buy a new appliance for your household directly - they vary, and are available in lower price categories

How old is the appliance and how much is it used?

happy-woman-showing-washing- machineIf you have a washing machine that has served you faithfully for more than 10-15 years and something seriously goes awry, you better replace it with a new one. Enough work has been done, and there are already many more efficient ones on the market - greener, with enough variety of programs, etc. Remember, sometimes a purchase can be a much better solution in terms of savings. Take a closer look at things in the long run.

However, the year of production is not the most important factor for determining age. It is important to determine the useful life, which depends on the period of operation. You would probably think that an appliance operated almost daily is sufficiently depreciated. Unlike buying a new stove that is simply installed in an uninhabited home or visited too infrequently. A dishwasher 9 years old, a dryer 13 years old, a freezer 11 years old, a microwave oven 9 years old, a refrigerator 13 years old and so on are considered old enough. Maintenance is also very important for the life of appliances.

Do you need a more energy efficient appliance?

home-electrical-appliances-collectionMarket innovation in every field of activity is aimed at improving existing products. That is why a much higher price for a dryer than your previous one should not scare you. New appliances are economical and work better - quieter, have more programs, etc. Make a comparison that would be more profitable for you. Have an old appliance repaired, but continue to pay high bills, or make a new investment that will pay off in the future. Buying a device today can save you up to 20% of your current electricity bills.

Do you keep a lot of style in your home?

Many housekeepers, especially the women's section, keep the appliances, furniture and accessories in one style. Color preference is also very important, with some appliances being limited in this regard. So think carefully about making a new purchase or repairing your old appliance. First, look at what's available online and in retail chains. If you find a device that fits you perfectly, don't be surprised. However, if something is not right and your appliance is not that old, go to a certified workshop to have it repaired.

Do you maintain your household appliances well enough?

Are you aware that good maintenance can greatly extend the life of any appliance? Besides, it's not that difficult and you don't have to do it too often. Emphasize this important aspect if you want to significantly reduce the need to repair every single appliance in your home. This benefit is not small, but there is another important thing - periodic maintenance leads to a better and healthier lifestyle in your own home. Clean the washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, oven, washing machine, etc. regularly.