How to solve the error of my oven turntable not spinning?

The microwave oven is a useful and compact home appliance. Its efficiency is expressed by the rapid warming and the ability to cook in just a few minutes. It usually serves the household for good and long, but sometimes unforeseen situations arise. What would you do if your beloved appliance stopped warming and turning the glass inside? Do not rush to throw it in the trash or look for a technician, because repairing a sudden damage can be more expensive than a new acquisition.

The good news is that the most common malfunctions are easily removable and the parts are not that expensive. That means you can handle it yourself. A common problem is stopping rotation in a small space, but this is not a big disaster. Get to know the constituent of the microwave and get to grips with the problem as soon as possible to rejoice the whole family with the appliance working again.

Main reasons for stopping rotation in the microwave oven

Get acquainted with the basic faults in the different parts of the microwave oven. Most of them have easy solutions, enjoy again warm and tasty food prepared in no time. Do not write off the appliance before checking the following problems and taking the necessary steps:

Problem with the glass tray plug

The plug is the connecting part of the glass dish on which the dishes are cooked or heated. The drive problem may be due to it. The so-called "sleeve" may have worn over time or cracked. Most models are made of plastic that is not characterized as a solid material. The circular dish is driven by a clutch that rotates with the help of the motor, as well as by a roller guide. It is possible to easily damage the triangular connector as it is easily removable. All you have to do in this case is to carefully remove it from the drive motor. This can check whether there is damage or not.

Problem with the roller drive

The roll is located just below the glass plate in the microwave. It favors the possibility of free rotation. This can cause the process to be obstructed, so its position must be checked, and whether there is any stuck food between the small rolls of the circle. Also, make sure that all the rollers are working properly, that they are not broken. This element is directly connected to the connector, so everything must be in order. At a quick glance, it will be clear whether the roller is replaceable or the problem is even less significant (misalignment or dropped food particles that block the drive).

A problem arising from the glass dish

The inner glass stand is one of the most important components without which the oven cannot function. Before you panic about the lack of rotation, it is better to make sure you have not forgotten it on the dryer or anywhere else. It is also possible that some small villain may have broken or cracked her, but she may fail to mention this fact. In any case, a new one that fits perfectly into the sleeve must be found or purchased. It may just not be proper, it's also a problem for the drive. Make sure it is on the mechanism. Do not worry in any of these cases, because replacing it will return the microwave to the old mode.

Problem with the rotating engine

This problem is more serious than the ones mentioned so far. The engine is often the reason for stopping the rotary motion in a small device. If you have carried out an extensive check on the presence and positioning of the parts described above, the motor should also be inspected. Inspection is a bit more serious here, but not difficult.

woman-using-microwaveYou must have a multimeter to check for continuity, which is as follows:

  • Remove the fasteners from the inside of the microwave (glass and stand ring)
  • Take the screwdriver and unscrew all the screws that secure the back cover
  • Disconnect the cables by squeezing the plug. Place the bottom panel sideways
  • Remove the terminals from the wires of the motor with a screwdriver
  • Check for continuity by connecting the motor terminals to those of the multimeter
  • If you find continuity, then the reason for the lack of spin is another. If not, the engine may need to be replaced

 Other reasons for stopping the movement of the rotating mass

The obstacles may be on another occasion, but it is best to always check for food that has fallen. More frequent hygiene is recommended, especially if you are preparing healthy meals daily. Wash each element thoroughly with soap and warm water. This will help kill the bacteria and serve as a preventative measure for possible blockage. Take care of your appliance to get it back with you.

Non-rotating microwave oven repair method

blonde-young-woman-inserting-bowl-microwaveDon't rush to spend money on a new microwave before trying to fix it yourself. You do not need to be a great professional, but simply have two hands, prepare warm soapy water for cleaning and follow the individual steps:

  • Step 1: Disconnect the microwave oven from the power cord to ensure complete safety when repairing
  • Step 2: Remove the glass plate and its round stand with small rolls. Clean them well - wash them with warm soapy water. Then check that the rollers move freely
  • Step 3: Clean the interior. Remove food residue and check for any visible cause that causes the unit to stop rotating
  • Step 4: Go to check the performance of the sleeve - this is the so-called small stand on which the glass tray is placed. You may have noticed that there is a special recess on the plate that fits perfectly on the sleeve. Inspection is needed because the part may be worn or cracked in two. You will need to change if you notice a problem with it
  • Step 5: Once you have found the problem, replace the new part and replace all the fasteners. Place the round stand above the bushing and the circular plate in the groove of the bushing. They should fit perfectly
  • Step 6: Turn on the oven again and let something warm up - you will find out if you have done it. In the event that the rotary motion is not performed again, it should go to plan B. See what an experienced technician will advise you and make the most cost-effective solution - repair or new appliance