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We all know that feeling, when something that we use everyday gets broken. We have one more problem and we need to find a solution very quickly. The same goes for all the kitchen
appliances- washing machine, oven, cooker, dishwasher and fridge. But not everyone has the time, skills and replacement parts, to do it at home. Which is why many people prefer to hire
a company to do the job - in exchange for money. Another problem occurs here- some companies charge way too much for appliance repair, others not so much, but they take your washing machine
or dishwasher for a long time. Our team at Happy appliances in Brixton, Stockwell manages to combine both: our team of friendly, skilled and qualified engineers, who constantly
keep upgrading their skills, is always ready to come at your house, find the problem and solve it right away, while on the other hand our prices are reasonable and bearable.
The reason why so many people choose to call us, is because we have very flexible working time. Whether it comes to fridge repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair
or oven repair, or it is all about installing your new ones, it is not a problem to our team, as they are fully qualified, highly skilled and have a lot of experience. Regarding our working
time, you can call almost any time. For us it doesn't matter if you need our team today, tomorrow or next week-our engineers are always ready to come and help you, no matter the problem.
But your dishwasher broke and we are in the middle of a holiday? Not a problem,
because we are always putting the clients on the first place. For us it is important that you are satisfied and happy. You are worried, that we will arrive and you will not be ready? Don't,
because we always call 30 minutes prior arrival to let you know.
For us it is very important our workers to be the best-in that way our clients are much more satisfied with the job, problems are detected and solved much faster, and because our engineers
are truly professionals, they know exactly what to do under any circumstances. In order to be able to react in every situation, our engineers travel throughout  Brixton, Stockwell
hi tech vans, in which they carry a wide range of replacement parts, so they can be able to react while at your house- there is no need to bring the broken appliance to a service station or
anywhere else. This is what makes people prefer Happy appliances' service- we work quickly, our work is of high quality, we are caring and friendly and our prices are not up to the ceiling.
So if you ever need fridge repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair, or oven repair, or you need your new appliances to be installed in the fastest way, do not hesitate to call
our team at "Happy appliances".

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